• Vinsun Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

    We are one of India's leading Service provider Company. It is engaged in carrying out Electrical and Civil Jobs with reputed clients/operators and has a specialist team for providing its services to various sectors. We also provide complete services in electrification field for all kinds of Industries, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, Telecommunication Companies, and many other related sectors and industries.

    Established in 2002 Vinsun Infra has grown from its roots to one of the leading Electrical contractors/ solution and service providers in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Diligently providing various ON-TIME electrical solutions, services and consultancy including maintenance, Load Balancing, Power Backups etc, Vinsun has earned the faith and goodwill of its various clients with its expertise and perseverance over the past many years and going on...

    With the vast experience gathered during execution of various projects, we are quite conversant with both Geographical conditions & Peculiar requirements of various regions of India and we are looking forward to expand the horizons to improve on our strengths

  • Our Services

    • A. Electrical Work

      a) Electrical Supply/Installation/Testing/Commissioning/Designing

        i) Work Description:
          (1) Electrical designing as per requirement on AutoCAD
          (2) Electrical Load calculation according equipment & Consumption
          (3) Main & Sub-Control panel Design & manufacturing
          (4) Supply/Installation of 11 & 33kv/440V HT Sub-Station with indoor & Outdoor Xmer
          (5) Supply/Installation of LT cabling/wiring /Lighting/Fixtures/Equipment/ Distribution
          (6) Installation of Generator Set 5-KVA to 500-KVA with design & making of Civil
          (7) Lisoning for EB Power/Xmer permission/DG Permission from Electricity Board &
               Safety . Department & submission of as built single line diagram prepared on
        ii) Clientele
    • Production Industries:
         (1) Tapti Mill Burhanpur (Unit of National Textile ltd. New Delhi)
         (2) Plethico pharmaceutical Ltd. Indore
         (3) Flexituff International Ltd. (Unit of Poly jumbo bag manufacturer)
         (4) Dainik Bhaskar Press Talawali Chanda Indore (Unit of news paper printing)
         (5) Cipla pharmaceutical Ltd
      Commercial Building:
         (1) Reliance Telecom ltd. MSC Office 7th floor Industry House Indore (MP)
         (2) RPG Cellular (Now Idea Cellular Ltd) 139-140 Electronic Complex Indore
         (3) District Administrative Complex Indore “with associate” (New Collectorate Office) “One
              of the Largest Govt.building of Indore” Work in Progress
         (4) Reliance MCN building Indore & Dewas (Hub of OFC Cable)
      Service Industries:
         Electrical Supply/Installation for Mobile Tower GBT/RTT sites in MP,CG, MH & Goa
          (1) Idea cellular Ltd.
          (2) Bharti airtel Ltd.
          (3) Reliance telecom Ltd.
          (4) Tata Teleservices Ltd.
          (5) Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.
          (6) Essar telecom Pvt. Ltd.
          (7) IMIL (Independent mobile infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.)
          (8) Archon engicom ( Maharastra)
          (9) Syenergy telecom infrastructure Ltd ( Mohali )
      Note: More then 1000 sites (cumulative) for above client’s work has been done successfully.
    • Idea cellular Ltd.
      Bharti airtel Ltd.
      Reliance telecom Ltd.
      Tata Teleservices Ltd.
      Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.
      Essar Telecom Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.
      Vodafone Ltd.
      Archone engicom Ltd.
    • Institutional Campus:
         (1) Vidyasagar School Indore (MP)
         (2) MGM Medical College AB Road Indore
         (3) Indira Indore Group College “School of currier studies” Sanwer Road Indore
         (4) Muk-Badhir sanghthan (School for Deaf & Dumb)
         (5) Rajendra Nagar Shishu vihar
         (1) Pinnacle ‘d’ Dream city Indore (M.P.)
         (2) HDIL Residencial (26 Floor)& shopping mall camp In Bhandup Mumbai
         (3) Rajeev Awas vihar (Indore Vikas Pradhikaran) 315 Flates
         (4) Indivisual Bunglows Apx 100+
         (1) MYH Hospital Indore with associates (New OPD) “Work in Progress”
         (2) Jain Nursing Home Sanwer Ujjain
         (3) Robert Nursing Home Indore

    • b) Operation & Maintenance Activity
        i) For Telecom Sector
          25 Operation & Maintenance of BTS sites, Take care & Preventive maintenance Of 10
          to KVA DG Set / Battery Bank/ Power Plant/PIU/Isolation Transformer/Stabilizer Air-
          conditioned, Maintaining Earth Registance / Maintaining of All auxiliary support for Bts
          Prestigious Client for above sector :
            (1) Tata Teleservices Ltd.
            (2) Quipo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.
            (3) Essar Telecom Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd
            (4) Archone engicom Ltd. (MH & Goa)
          Mobile Operator for above Infra:
            (1) Tata Indicom Ltd.
            (2) Idea Cellular Ltd.
            (3) Bharti Airtel Ltd.
            (4) Vodafone Ltd.
            (5) AIRCEL Ltd.

      NOTE: More then 400 site (Cumulative for all operators) has been successfully operated & maintain.
    • Idea cellular Ltd.
      Bharti airtel Ltd.
      Reliance telecom Ltd.
      Tata Teleservices Ltd.
      Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.
      Essar Telecom Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.
      Vodafone Ltd.
      Archone engicom Ltd.
      AIRCEL Ltd.
    • ii) For Chilling plant / Cold Storage
         Operation & maintenance of chilling plant, cold storage with using Ammonia Gas (NH3)
         Maintaining temperature of chamber as required Material like Crops / Medicine / Milk
         item / Grains etc. Preventive maintenance of Compressors (Kirloskar make: KC-3/KC-
         water cooling tower Solenoid switches, cooling Unit (Bunker), Blowers, Electrical support,
         Motors, Main control panel, Lighting of internal & external Plant.
          Prestigious Client for above sector :
            (1) Somani agro & milk food cold care pvt. Ltd
            (2) Geetanjali Ice & Cold storage Pvt. Ltd.
            (3) Sanman Cold storage Pvt. Ltd.

      B. Civil Work

      Work Sector:
        sector, Small Industries, Type of Work:
        According Civil/structural drawing, Making of Tower foundation, Guard Room, BTS
        Foundation, Shelter foundation, DG Foundation, Boundry wall Path way,
        Back filling, Leveling of plot, Painting as required.
    • With Snaps of :
        (1) Reinforcement (Bar binding) on each step,
        (2) Excavation of foundation pit
        (3) Complete site after completion
      Fabrication Work:
         Type of Work:
          (1) Cage for O/D BTS for telecom sector
          (2) Pole Tower “up to 9Mtr” with Bracing support & ladder Telecom sector,
               Small Industries,
          (3) Tower Mount for sector & Microvave antenna
          (4) Water cooling Tower (Bunker) for Chilling Plant / cold storage
          (5) Fabrication of stand for equipment, Truss for small industries, grill, ladder, doors etc.
          (6) Street Light Pole/Garden light Pole as required hight
          (7) Fabrication of Electrical Control panel, Energy meter box, street light pole mount box
      Prestigious Client for above Civil & fabrication work:
          (1) Idea cellular Ltd.
          (2) Bharti airtel Ltd.
          (3) Reliance telecom Ltd.
    • Idea cellular Ltd.
      Bharti airtel Ltd.
      Reliance telecom Ltd.
      Tata Teleservices Ltd.
      Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.
      Essar Telecom Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.
      IMIL (Independent mobile infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.) Delhi
      Archone engicom Ltd.
      Syenery telecommunication Ltd Mohali
    •     (4) Tata Teleservices Ltd.
          (5) Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd. Delhi
          (6) Essar telecom Pvt. Ltd. Indore
          (7) IMIL (Independent mobile infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.) Delhi
          (8) Syenery telecommunication Ltd Mohali
          (9) Archone Engicom Pvt Ltd. Ahmedabad

      Note: More then 600 sites (RTT/GBT/Pole Sites) for above client’s work has been done successfully

      C. Liasoning Work

        (1) EB Power connection:
            Preparation of document & submitted to EB Department getting & submitted demand
            note & Laying cable from pole to Energy Meter & fixing Meter Box as per EB Norms.
            (Like Kit-Kat Fuse/Neutral Link/ solator/MCB) with locking arrangement of both
            compartment of Box.
        (2) DG Permission
             Preparation of Drawing on AutoCAD, submission of DG Hrs reading for Yearly Audit/inspection report & submit to Safety Department for getting charging Permission.
  • Awards and Recognition

    • Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award (28.07.2010 At:Mumbai) by National Education & Human Resource Development Org.(MH)

    • Excellance Service Award:
      1. Bharti Airtel Ltd.
      2. Tata Teleservice Ltd.
      3. Flexituff Industries.
  • About Us

    • A decade back the organization made a humble start and entered into the Electrical Industry to be an active contributor to the development of the nation. Little did we realize that Vinsun Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd. would one day carve a permanent niche for itself amongst the leading player in the field of infrastructure development. Since its inception, the company is active in total turn-key electrical & Instrumentation contracts catering to various segments like Power Plants, Industrial, commercial & residential which involves Supply, installation, testing and commissioning and have built a strong reputation for reliability combined with economy and efficiency of our works.
      Great Emphasis to workmanship and timely completion of works is an issue of continuous Concern for us. Vinsun Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Company is professionally managed and maintains very cordial relationship with its employees. A team of highly qualified personnel from the fields of engineering, finance and administration is the core strength of Vinsun Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd. which assists the top- level management.
      "The Vinsun Mission. Driven by excellence"
      1.To be a leading company in the global market .
      2.To become the customers' most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and timely completed value added projects.
    • 3.To continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technology in methods and materials to achieve high cost effectiveness.
      4.To continually improve the competence of our people and make them proud to work at Vinsun.
      5.To build a safety culture aimed at continually reducing the frequency severity rate towards achieving zero accidents.
      6.To identify and mitigate all the environmental impacts arising from our activities and comply with applicable environmental norms.
      7.To contribute to the development of the local community and society at large as a part of our corporate social responsibility.
      2.Strive for Excellence
      4.Passion for Learning
      Our FOUNDER & mentor
      "Success has only two brothers WILL & WIN":- Shri Sunil Satav (Managing Director)
    • Mr.Sunil Satav heads up the Vinsun Infra Eng team. He believes that with leadership comes responsibility.With over a decade of experience in the electrical contracting industry he has an ear to the ground and a wealth of technical and business expertise.
      Mentor's message to the Team
      At Vinsun Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to quality as well as to the clients.We will do all such acts, which are necessary to maintain the quality of our work, which ultimately lead in customer satisfaction. That said we will bring in quality people as well as quality equipments to satisfy our customers completely.
      We at VIEPL believe in bringing quality through all aspects of business whether that may be people or equipments. We like to face challenges and therefore are instrumental in indulging in healthy competition per se, which will ultimately lead us to strengthen our core competencies. We at VIEPL are instrumental in making "Vinsun Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd." Synonymous with that of "Quality."
      Our focal point is customer of whose feedback is necessary for our progress. Our constant effort will be to emphasize quality through all aspects of business. We bring a top notch fleet of workmanship to the challenging projects. We encounter and it sets us apart from the competition. By aggressively managing the quality and utilization of our man power. we are able to take large scale projects that other companies can't.
    • We are a company based on teamwork and partnerships and we feel this is the way we look forward to the rapid growth of VIEPL in the marketplace. We are committed to our ideals and welcome challenges and new ventures with open arms.
      Team Power:
      Our team literally proves our name by maintaining the speed in their work. There is more than 20 skilled and technical staff working in different departments to deliver the best Professional:
      The experience and expertise of our team mean top quality performance producing fast economic solutions. Our key strength is professionalism in every aspect of the business benefiting our clients and creating high value outcomes. Our teams pass to your advantage of huge experience and knowledge. Our aims are your satisfaction and develop long term working relationship.
      Affiliations and Registrations
      1.VAT TIN No. (MH) : 27270732392 V
      2.CST TIN No. (MH): 27270732392 C
      3.TIN No. (MP): 23681004366
      4.TIN No (Goa): 30720307138
      5.Employee Provident Fund: MP/IN/17331
    • 6.Employee state Insurance Corporation: 18/14279/101
      7.M.P. Sales Tax: 0102/I/2807/5S
      8.PAN: AACCV9789J
      9.A-class Electrical. License: 23/2982 "A"
      10.Service Tax: AACCV9789JST001
      11.Municipal Registration: 398781
      12.Municipal License No. 41822/082007/484
  • Head Office

    Yeshwant Plaza S-111-112,
    IInd Floor, Opp. Railway Station ,
    Indore, (M.P.)

    Branch Offices:

    143/143 R.S.C 16 Gorai I,Borivali (W),
    Mumbai –MH

    A-3 H.No.571 Nr. IDC Gate,
    Murmuse Tuem,Pernem (Goa)

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